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What is Rolfing and Rolf Movement? 

What is Rolfing Rolfing Structural Integration is a customized therapeutic process that improves the quality of posture, movement and balance. 
  • Rolfers recognize that the body is a system of seamless tissues rather than a collection of separate parts. These web like crystal tissues surround, support and penetrate all of the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. 
  • Rolfers do organized, systematic myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral to resolve pain, reduce compensations and restore flexibility, balance, function and much more. 
  • Rolfing revitalizes how you move and feel in space because it organizes the body to work with the field of gravity instead of fighting  it..  
         What is Rolf Movement?
  • Rolf Movement integrates function patterns. The focus is on retraining your body to activate postural stabilizing muscles before global moving muscles. For most of us functional movement is lost because we have given up our hunter gatherer lifestyle for society. Functional Movement is being studied world wide. Advances are quickly replacing habitual training methods. Functional Movement Training activates slow twitch muscle fibers before fast twitch muscle fibers engaging relationship based movement instead of one demential singularity based movement                                   
  • For efficient, safe, stable, supportive movement; good functioning depends on more than strength: it depends on coordination, on nervous system control. Timing is essential: to maintain a joints integrity local muscles must be able to fire before the main muscles of action. Stabilization is pre-move-ment. 

Rolfing feels like deep tissue massage, ART or Myofascial Release. The difference is in the lasting change......

“Practitioners of SI do not feel ourselves to be therapists.  The gravitational field is the therapist.  What we do is prepare the body to receive the support from the gravitational field which gives a greater sense of well being.”  –Ida Rolf … there is an ongoing psychological change as well toward balance, toward serenity, toward a more whole person.  The whole person evidences a more apparent, more potent psychic development.”

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