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Its time to look at the body in a different way. New research has proven that we are incased in skin but embedded in a liquid crystal. Inside this liquid crystal is where tensional forces are distributed and the first level of balance takes place. The fascial network tells your vestibular system and cerebellum where you are in space otherwise known as propriopreception. Pro-pri-o-preception is very important because it keeps us from bumping into things, falling down, and it controls our postural moment patterns. Rolfing optimizes the fascial network by releasing it in places where it has become glued to itself or rotated against a sub layer or shortened due to too many collagen fibers aka scar tissue. 

Joe, 77 ​"Nikki helped me quite a-bit, I'm able to walk alot better. I still have a couple of problems that need to be resolved but that's because Nikki hasn't worked on them yet."     

Roxanne, 56 ​"After completing the ten series it felt as though 15 to 20 years worth of aging was taken off of my body. I was once again able to enjoy many of the sports activities that I had been struggling with, and in many cases stopped participating in."   

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what is Rolfing structural integration? 

Filipe, 16 "After receiving the 10 series I was able to avoid surgery on my jaw. Orthodontists were preparing me to have surgery because my lower jaw was larger than my upper jaw.  I am grateful my mom brought me to Nikki to fix my sway back." 

Rolfing is a unique life transforming therapeutic Intervention. Also known as  Structural Integration, Rolfing is a customized life altering process that improves the quality of posture, movement and balance. Rolfing has been popular as an unconventional therapy since the 1970"s and began it's roots with Ida P. Rolf in Esalen, Big sur, California. Rolfing has since spread deeper into society and gained popularity and now has five schools around the world. Rolfing once had the reputation of being very painful. But the implication of new advanced techniques has drastically changed that. Mammals, Avians, Reptiles and Pesce are comprised of numerous layers of clear liquid crystal tissue called fascia. The fascia intertwines, bisects, dissects and bifurcates, coats and gives shape the entire body  from the skin to the bone. Rolfers work with this fascia. The results are experienced profoundly, deeply and permanently. 


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Individuals Report that they feel lighter, younger, more energized and have a better experience in the world.